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  • GS490/520 Series

GS490/520 Series

Model : GS490/520 Series


GS-490 & 520 series of double-shaft Shredder, High torque and shear force used to specifically break and recycle large size of scraps.


  • Double- shaft design & spiral-array cutters provides remarkable breaking capacity.

  • Cutter made of imported high grade steel and goes through several processing and welding procedures, creating high hardness, high tensile strength and abrasion-resistance.

  • Cutter can be repaired & reused to save cost for buying it.

  • Variable frequency motor and planetary reducer provide high torque and great transmission capacity. 

  • Equipped with PLC and Auto-reverse mechanism to decrease the frequency of artificial cleaning. 

  • Low noise, low vibration and multi-machine linkage to supply good work environment and simplify the operation procedure.

Suggested purpose
For recycling large size of scraps such as plastics, metal, bulk bags, auto parts, copper foil, wood, electric wire, iron/aluminum cans, PCB, glass, cloth, tires, waste electrical appliances etc.



PS: Spec. shown here is subject to change.

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