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JA,JBB series Granulator

Model : JA,JBB series


JA&JBB series of Granulator, The shearing force generated by the high-speed rotating cutters powerfully crushes substances to be recycled.


  • Special oblique cutting to cut waste more and enhance the crushing efficiency.

  • Screen easy to change, filtering waste to the same size.

  • Machine and bearing case have the circulating water cooling device to reduce the heat from operation and avoid unsteeling of the cutter.

  • Dynamic balancing calibration by computer to decrease vibration.

  • There are barrel type, ventilation type, spiral type, and conveyor type of feeding to choose from.  Soundproof enclosure is optional.

Suggested purpose

For crushing PP/PE/PVC/ABS/acrylic plastics, casing of home appliances, IC boards, and wood materials.



PS: Spec. shown here is subject to change.

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